Happy Healthy Macarons

Gluten-insensitive? Ovo-lacto vegetarian? Almond meal lover?

Whoever you are and whatever diet you enjoy, finding a suitable dessert or delicacy can be a frustrating, but sometimes rewarding challenge. We too have searched high and low for scrumptious, luxurious delicacies but all too often we’re left unsatisfied and wanting something sweet.

Knowing the disappointment of missing out on a tasty delicacy, The Macaron Messenger creates delightful treats that just about anyone can enjoy. Even though macarons are time-consuming to make, require great attention to detail, and can break your heart if it doesn’t all go to plan, we think they are just about the most amazing dessert treat that you can make.

Whether it’s the fluffy crunch of the shell, the interplay of vibrant flavours, or an unexpected surprise at the centre, macarons tick all the right boxes when it comes to indulgence. Designed with love and executed with care, every delivery from The Macaron Messenger has a piece of us that goes with it.

Knowing how frustrating it can be to find a delicious treat, or a gift that’s suitable for that special someone, was part of our inspiration. No more looking wistfully at display cabinets full of gluten-packed decadent delights, or wishing you could indulge but you can’t pay the price afterwards!

Every macaron from The Macaron Messenger is made with love and is naturally low in gluten. Rest easy knowing that you and your gift recipients can enjoy the indulgence of tasty macarons, with none of the side effects of a guilty pleasure!