First Food Festival

What an amazing experience. Little old Medowie, which for so long has been neglected by planners and the broader community, has had an amazing culinary and community event to be proud of.

With 10 food trucks, trailers and stalls producing an amazing array of smells and flavours, the more than 1000-strong crowd had almost too much to choose from! Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese street food and traditional hamburgers were followed by French pastries and macarons, providing no shortage of culinary delights.

Although we didn't get to sample everyone's offerings, I can tell you that the smells were driving us crazy! 

Who can resist going back for another tasty morsel when all you have to think about is which picnic blanket to sit on while while being entertained by some fabulous local artists and performers? I know that I couldn’t!

The first Street Food Social event in Medowie was a hit. A full cross-section of the community was on display and there was a smile on every face. Even the dogs who enjoyed the pet-friendly atmosphere were having a great time!

So when can we do it again, that’s what I want to know! Well, now thanks to our shiny new bright pink food trailer, we’ll be doing it all over again very soon!

It really is an enjoyable experience being able to make amazing, tasty macarons, and deliver them to happy customers to enjoy. Seeing the reactions as people take their first bite really puts as big a smile on my dial as it does on the customers!

And to the lady who did a dance and nearly fell over when she realised they were gluten-free - I have a feeling we’ll be seeing you again soon! And if you can't wait until we're back in Medowie, you'll be seeing The Macaron Messenger food trailer out and about starting from now.

And maybe next time we'll get to try out everybody else's food. If not, we'll just have to do it all again!